what colors do bantam cochins come in?


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10 Years
Apr 19, 2009
i just hatched 2 chicks out of 6 blue bantam cochins eggs i ordered, and one definately is blue but the other(just hatched about 2 hours ago has white down on the underside and dark on the topside. what color will this grow into? i cant get a pic yet as she is still in the batar and damp!
All blue's hatch out 1 of 3 ways...blue black and splash. The blue can be from very light to near black and usually you will have several shades in the same hatch.If it's black on the top it will be black or if it's a smokey near black to gray/blue it will be a darker blue.The dark blue and black can be real hard to tell the difference until they dry and fluff

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