what colors might we get breeding these peacocks

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    what colors might we get breeding these peacocks

    3 Indian hens
    1 blackshoulder hen
    all Bred to a Cameo male

    feel free to add your pictures alone with clarification..

  2. The cameo bred to the India hens will produce cameo hens and India blue peacocks split to cameo since cameo is sex linked. The cameo bred to the black shoulder hen produces the same but both the cocks and hens will also be split blackshoulder.
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    so i will get some blue Indian males from this crossing then, they will all be split though right..? is it possible to only get pure Indians if breeding those split males indains to pure Indians or would they all be split in further generations..?
  4. Quote:Yes, all the cocks will be india blue and all will be split to either cameo or cameo and blackshoulder.

    If you bred one of the split cameo cocks to a pure india hen, you would get 50% cameo hens and 50% india hens and 50% india cocks split cameo and 50% india cocks that were not split to cameo. if you used the cocks split to blackshoulder as well, 25% of the chicks would be split blackshoulder.

    Good luck figuring out which are which.

    Now my head hurts.

    A great source of information of basic genetics is Leggs Peafowl Farm website.
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    AugeredIn, thanks for the info and link... [​IMG] will check it out...
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    Quote:All msles will look blue but ALL split cameo. No pure blues
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    Yeah, all your peachicks will be all IB peachicks, so you need to mark them as either wing tags in wing or rings around legs.
    When they are 2 years old, peacocks (spilt for cameo) will father the cameo peachicks which will grown into brown coloured peacocks, with beautiful train feathers in shades of brown colours.

    To increase chance of breeding the cameo peachicks, you need to buy some female cameo peachicks.

    IB peacock spilt for cameo + cameo peahen = some cameo peachicks and few IB peachicks.
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