What colors of brahma can you put a dark brahma roo over?


Aug 25, 2021
Hey there!
I currently have a dark brahma rooster, 2 golden partridge hens and 2 silver partridge hens and would like to expand my color variety.
Are you able to put a dark brahma rooster over light hens and buff hens and have the hatchlings keep their mothers color? or will the color be mixed?
May 21, 2017
Dark is the same as silver partridge. If you breed the gold partridge and dark rooster, you can get silver/gold split partridge. However, only the males will show this coloration, and it’s not true breeding. Some breeds have a gold/silver split variety, but I don’t know if brahmas do yet.

Dark x light or buff will give you mixed colors. Though if you keep breeding the offspring back to the buff or light mother, eventually you will get the mother’s coloration back.
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