What colour is my Bantam Modern Game hen?


9 Years
Feb 12, 2010
I was wondering if anyone out there could please tell me what colour my Bantam Modern Game hen is? I'd like to enter her in a show I am taking some ducks to for a bit of fun. I just can't work out what colour she is to enter her in the correct class . I'm not familiar with game birds and she is some of the first that I have ever had.

Unfortunately she wasn't in the best light when I took this photo. They are fast critters! Her chest is a lighter colour than it appears in the pic.
She's a Silver Duckwing. However her colour isn't good & she has white ear lobes which is a disqualification.

I also found this picture on my computer. It is probably a better indication of her colour. Do you still think Silver Duckwing?
Nope! She is a Black Breasted Red. Her legs should be green. (I can't tell from the pic if they are the right color or not.)

Nyreds is right, she shouldn't have white in her earlobes.
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Yep, the colour comes across very differently in the 2 pictures-BB Red per the second picture. Evaluation stays the same though. Colour is still poor-feathers are very shafty & leg colour is wrong.
Thanks a heap NYREDS and juliechick! It is hard to find resources to learn about the whole colour thing with game birds. I appreciate you sharing your knowledge!

I am not entering her in the show anyway. I'm taking my Silver Duckwing Cockeral and a few others (non game varieties). I'm getting pretty excited about it.... it will be the first time I have shown birds myself! I'm off to prepare my cages and stuff today
It's not that hard. Buy an ABA or APA Standard. The APA Standard is better illustrated.

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