What colour will these button quail chicks be?


6 Years
Apr 4, 2013

I've just hatched four pretty cute button quail chicks, (never incubated before)
Two are solid yellow so I assume they'll be all white if it's the same for quails as chickens.. I'd be interested to know what colour/type the other two will be, thanks if you can help! :)

oh they are sooo cute . i also had the chance of hatching just one under my pigeon but it died a little after that .
sorry cant say what what colour they will be , may the ordinary colour only ...all quails i see in the market are quite the same colour , unlike chickens .

lets jus see wat colour they turn out to be ...aand will u be trying to tame them ?
aw that's a shame, did you have to take it from the pigeon after it hatched?
The eggs I bought were 'mixed' and there was a list of colour variations but I can't remember them, but yeah it doesn't really matter, I was just interested.

I would like them to be easy to handle when they're bigger so i'm trying to handle them alot! :)
the one on the right on the bottom picture either looks like a cinnamon or slate.
The one on the bottom right of your last photo looks like mine did after hatching -- the two tan lines running down its back and overall coloring are identical to what mine had. I am still questioning what variety it is, but you can see what it looks like now on another thread (scroll down to bottom of page for latest photos)...


I've been told it is either smokey or cinnamon. If you notice the feathers coming in silvery/white/grey with tan tips, then you and I have the same bird!

Congratulations on your gorgeous new button chicks!

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