What could be interupting their egg laying?


9 Years
Dec 27, 2010
My chickens have hardly been laying at all. I spent a couple days at home and watched them and don't think anyone is laying else where. I found one egg in the grass the other night when I came home and one in the nest. They've never laid while walking around the yard before. But the past few days I get 1 egg, 2, at the most 3 out of 5 chickens. I recently introduced some pullets in the flock. Could this be stressing them out? The pullets have been partially intergrated for two weeks (we used barriers) and took the barrier down two days ago now that they are 13 weeks old. I've had to break up lots of fights because the hens don't like the pullets eating. If they give the pullets more than just a peck, I chase them away.

It's spring time, by now they should be laying WAY more! They laid more in the winter.
It has been my experience in the springtime IF you have a hen sitting on eggs the others will not lay eggs.....I have 3 nesting boxes set up in my coop it seems they like to lay eggs in the dark.....when I have hens sitting on eggs in one of the boxes the other hens will not go into the other boxes to lay at all.......also age plays a factor in egg laying. My older hens don't lay eggs everyday like my younger ones do.....it could also be diet? And yes I have noticed with mine in the past that stress will be a factor in them laying eggs.
Now I am new to the forum I have had my chickens for 7 years......I have noticed this.....if I forget to collect an egg that my freeroamers have laid the next day there is another in the same spot. When I pick them up they find another place to lay their eggs. My Freeroamers only go outside when I am in the barn because of fox. I have 3 that run around the barn as they please. They find their spots to lay eggs and if I can't find them it is not uncommon to come across a dozen eggs in a nest when I do find them in my hay room or somewhere.
Possibly someone with more experience can give you better answers.......as I am not an expert and can only share my experiences I have with my chickens.

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