What could be wrong with my EE

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  1. She laid a egg today but

    Yesterday she started pacing in a certain spot in the hutch she is still doing it today. All the other girls are out free ranging along with the roo. Last night she tried sleeping with her head under the biggest hen. I'm going to try to get a video. thats another hen making the noise



    they have plenty of room to run
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  2. I don't know if its possible but dh and I have decided that the EE is simply insane. The other girls seem fine but she is batty. Bad genetics I guess. She has turned me off of EEs I will never get another even though she lays pretty eggs.
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    Mine put their heads under eachother at night when they want to hide from me, LOL
    It looks kind of like she's looking for her nest? Or looking for a place to be broody? Can she get up to where she's looking? Maybe she has gas and thinks that she needs to lay an egg when it's only gas.

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