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Discussion in 'Turkeys' started by wolfie115, Jan 26, 2013.

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    Oct 12, 2011
    So, we have this sweet little hen we got from our local feed store last spring. I've posted pictures of her before to try and find out what she might have in her. To me, she looks slatey but I know nothing of turkey genetics to be sure if that actually means something. She's not very big, only about 10-12lbs close to the same size as my Blue Palm hen and smaller than our Narrie/Palm cross. She's got a real reddish/rusty tinge to her feathering with random white feathers (as you can see) her tail marking doesn't have a real pattern to it either, some have barring at the end others are solid. Also her flight feathers are quite pale. Any ideas?

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    Buff Hen?


    the two hens below the arrow are buff hens (i think both are from porters) we have one that is not)

    looks quite similar.

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    Very good looking Mix of Breeds you there very nice.
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    Thank you. we got most of them from Porters last summer. we are trying to decide which varieties to keep. The silver auburn trio are going to a new home today. I think we will breed the auburn, bronze and jersey buff (our original 2 that got us into turkeys) have posted pictures of them before. Although the buff tom we have is fairly dark (older tom in upper left of the picture), but not as dark as the bourbon reds from porters.


    You'rs look great as well. I figured I had to do something other than bourbons because you and kountrygirl have the corner on the market with those! [​IMG]
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    Feb 2, 2013
    Could be a Blue slate cross.
    I have some Blue slate cross Ridley bronze that when they go more blue slate colouring they take on a slight reddish colouring in the feathers.
    Nice bird you got there.
    I love the cross breeding colour combos one can get.

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