What could I get with these two birds...?


8 Years
Apr 3, 2011
South Dakota
I have a really good chance of picking up a Midnight Black Shoulder Silver Pied peahen from a friend and I was going to put her with my India Blue Pied. The father of the pied is IB split with cameo and white and the mother was either a cameo hen or IB hen. What would/could I get from these two? I am new to all this.
You will get whites, pieds and dark pieds some will be white-eye some will not but will carry the white-eye gene all will be split to blackshoulder and midnight and carry the silver pied gene. Depending on the mother of the pied male if he is out of the cameo hen he is split cameo and will produce some cameo hen with this breeding. His daddy was split cameo and white so he has a 50% chance of being split cameo if the mother was the india blue hen and could produce some cameo hens. With him being a pied one of them 2 hens has to be split pied.
White wing feathers shows she is split white she could also be split pied. To produce pieds both parent has to carry the pied gene or one parent has to carry a pied gene and the other can carry a white gene
Thanks for all this information! Even though I still don't get all this stuff, confusing.

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