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    Aug 19, 2014
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    Yesterday I put my 2, 3 month old chicks out in the run that is fenced in. Well it didn't go well at all. I closed off half of the coop and put the two young birds in away from the older hens

    . One was beat up pretty bad had a hole pecked into its back and was bloody. I fixed up the injured bird and kept them together. I then began to think that, I was told they were both roosters, but is it normal for one to protect the other. The bigger of the 2 would stand in front of the smaller one and protect it and lay on it? Is this normal behavior or maybe just maybe can one be a hen?
    The one in the back was the one who got hurt. the one in the front was like a guard dog and the other hens didn't mess with it at all, i find it odd and was wondering if there was a reason

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    Don't have an answer, but suggest you post in a different forum. I think you will more attention in managing your flock with different thread title..Problem introducing new members to flock...

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