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    Feb 12, 2009
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    I have a 6 mos. old Salmon Faverolle that had a very tough start in life. She did not grow or feather out at the same rate at the others, her eyes kept crusting over and had to constantly be cleaned to get open. All her life she has had runny, watery eyes. She finally did feather out and grow and now is almost as big as her flock mates but I can still pick her out because the feathers on her face are sparse. Her eyes are still very runny. So runny that her face stays soaked. It is a clear, watery discharge. No smell, no nasal discharge, no other symptoms at all. She eats, poops, runs and plays like a normal young hen. She is very sweet (probably from being handled so much as a chick). I have heard that a vitamin A deficiency could be the cause. Could it be so simple as to just supplement her with vit. A? Any other ideas?
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    I'm just a newbie making a wild guess, but I wonder if chickens also have allergies such as hay fever. If so, I don't think people hayfever medicine would be a good idea. I think I'd stick with the Vitamin A (in the form of dandelions, collards, squash, and other dark green leafies and dark yellows that they enjoy).
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    yep... sounds as though she has a vit A deficiency > treat this with polyvisol enfamil 4 drops in beak once a day for two weeks .

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