What could've done this?

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  1. California Gurl

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    Jun 27, 2011
    A couple of days ago we heard a commotion in the backyard and went to investigate it.
    We seen a hawk trying to get one of the birds. We were able to scare it off before it had gotten any of my bird.
    Luckily we have a lot of trees, which helped the chickens take cover in until the danger was gone.

    I was gone for an hr before dusk and noticed that one of my DC chick was missing when I came back.
    I tried looking for it but no such luck, I felt so bad because I thought that the Hawk must've gotten it.

    Earlier this morning when I let out all the chickens I notice that a couple of the chicks' feather had blood mark on them. I couldn't find any injuries on them at all.
    So later when I went to go and feed them, I notice that that one of my Dark Conish x EE chick had died blood on it. Upon closer inspection It was missing skin from the scalp and also the neck.
    Now I'm not sure if that was the missing chick or not, but all 6 of them are accounted for now.

    So this is what I am thinking what happen:
    1). It was that chick that was missing and must have escape the clutches of the Hawk.
    2). The injuries were cause by a rat or mice?
    3). Raccoon or Opossum? (That's what a family member says)

    What do you guys think?
    I enclose pictures of the said chick while I was giving it a bath.
    I have the chick isolated and put electrolytes in some water along with food.


    Thanks in advance!
  2. kaybats

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    Jun 4, 2011
    Oh my! I hope someone has an idea! I'm so sorry! [​IMG]
  3. Blue_Myst

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    Feb 5, 2009
    Oh, poor girl! [​IMG]

    It could have been a raccoon or opossum, but I doubt they would let her go once they got a hold of her. What may have happened is the hawk or something else gave her a small injury to the head. There was a bit of blood, and the other chickens decided to peck at the wound for a bit. That's usually how the "scalping" happens.

    Electrolytes is a good idea. You'll want to keep her wound very clean--perhaps flushing with saline for a little while or getting ahold of some Neosporin (without pain relief or any -caine) ingredients.

    In any case, you may want to keep her isolated until her wound heals a bit.

    Good luck with her! [​IMG] You've got an excellent start.
  4. Cetawin

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    Mar 20, 2008
    NW Kentucky
    aaawwww poor little thing. On the right side of the head behind the ear area...is that a small puncture wound? I think it was a young inexperienced hawk attack...the hawk missed. Keep the wounds clean and apply triple antibiotic ointment WITHOUT pain reliever in it on the wounds. Feed her some higher protein like scrambled eggs and make sure she is eating and drinking on her own well. Watch for any signs of infection and be ready with some injectable pencillin if infection begins. There is a great chance of recovery for this birdie.

    Good luck with the little one.

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