What did I do?!?!?! re:crowing


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Jun 1, 2008
I got rid of my dominant roo and his second in command because they weren't very nice, they were mutts and there were 4 of them(mutt roos), I didn't really want to keep any mutt roos. Well now the kids favorite, that was always so nice and beautiful is driving me INSANE
. The roo we got rid of started crowing about 7ish, but mostly a little later. He hardly crowed during the day, and never at night. Since he has been gone this one won't SHUT UP! He starts about 6 and doesn't stop, does it lots throughout the day, and at night. Don't get me wrong, I love the sound, but so often is getting annoying. Is he making up for lost time and will slow down? Or is this it?

I would say he's making up for lost time! He's more than likely never had the liberty to crow and is sowing his oats, so to speak. Give it awhile to see if he calms down. Meanwhile, get a fan to run in your bedroom at night to block out the crows.
I was more concerned about our poor elderly neighbors
. I am hoping they have their windows closed as it is starting to cool here. I really hope he slows down
we got an OEGB that was low man on the totem pole when he was around 6 other roos. Now he crows so much. I am getting rid of him. (he and my other roo fight terrible is I put the together as well)

Anyone in NY want Roy?

My roo crows all day long. But it's a crow here and a crow there. When he first started he crowed all the time. I was waiting for him to go horse. He never did though.
mine still crows all day here and there but he did slow down after I got rid of the other 2 roos. Ask your neighbors if they are bothered it before you consider rehoming him. Many times older people enjoy it.
Guess I'm lucky, for now, my neighbors actually like it. Carmine is getting earlier though. He starts around 6, stops around 6:30 and starts again at 7, then he goes all day long.
When our elderly neighbors found out we were getting chickens they told us " You have to get a rooster" They looked forward to hearing a rooster crow.
I have 3 currently. One I don't think has ever crowed. The other 2 I hear in the morning and throughout the day. But just here and there, nothing constant.
Hopefully, your little guy is just showing his new Boss status, and wil quiet as the novelty wears off.

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