What did you do in the garden today?


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Dec 29, 2015
Mossyrock, WA
Hey bought myself some jolly rancher pops these are frozen treats and have nifty sticks with them of course the Son and I had to have two each they are connected :clap
what do pigs and ink have in common? they both go in a pen
What did on hat say to the other hat? Stay here, I'll go on ahead
How does thread get to school? The spool bus
How did the broom find a girlfriend? He swept her off her feet


Nov 30, 2018
Lakeside, OR
Just finished cutting fresh picked cabbage for sauerkraut. :sick Now I need to sit here and let my stomach settle. Never done the stuff before, might never again. OMG,beautiful, albeit small heads, but OMG the smell pit toilet at a camp ground. OC I have a strong sense of smell but DANG.

Yup, had to move the bowl outside. OMG. It was making me physically ill. Not sure I can even finish the kraut!
I was planning on making both pickled cabbage and sauerkraut with our cabbage and I've never done it before either, so what part of the process stunk so badly? You got me scared. :oops:
Does anyone know what to do with an excess of Roma tomatoes? I can't can them, mind you.
You might look into drying, or freezing them.

@karenerwin, My thoughts are with you and your mom. I'd say I'd been there but honestly, not being able to physically be there must make it even harder. Remember to take care of yourself, that will help both of you. :hugs

Thawed out a rabbit today and we're going to try Shake N Bake Bunny tomorrow, I can't wait! I still love shake n bake, I have the taste of an 8 year old. :)

Our crop of sunchokes looks like it'll be huge and I guess the best way to keep them is in the ground and dig them as we need them. You can pickle them too so I'll try that too. DP has wanted to be sure we can carry on if things go further south so the sunchokes look like a win. The greens work for fodder for both the rabbits and chickens and they all like them.

Welcome to the new folks, remember, we loves the pictures!


Apr 1, 2020
morning, just having a break from preparing the ground where i,m going to put chickens .lots of plants have to be removed the only thing really bothering me is the bindweed. got to dig a lge pampas grass up ,might leave for tomorrow .looks like rain so I wont be doing much else ,at least it will save me having to water tonight .


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Apr 23, 2019
Morning all - I finally woke up to electricity this am! & internet! I have an awful lot to catch up on.

So I still have tons of yellow squash, I made some soup which is very good, it has lemon & hot sauce. I also made 2 tray of lasagna which we both think is DELISH! It called for cinnamon in the sauce (which is my tomatoes from last year) & I was very leary but I try to always follow a recipe the first time - it was so good! & neither of us really like cinnamon. All done on the generator, lol.

I have a few pics to share before I go catch up.

Oddball Brandy Boy - do I pick or not pick, lol

A swallowtail on my butterfly weed

Some black eyed susans I picked for my nephew & his girlfriend that just bought a house

Todays haul

My mutt Patrick, he's just too cute

Off to read a million pages...


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Apr 9, 2013
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I harvested some large okra, which'll probably go in a gumbo.
My radishes are going to seed, and I just noticed some seed pods forming. Not too long until they're dry.
My cucumber plant is dying. It's lived a long, productive life.
I'm also trying to figure out what to do with all of these Roma tomatoes. Eugh. Some cherry tomatoes are ripening, and the beans are thriving.
I'm trying to strategize the harvesting of a baseball bat-sized zucchini (it's behind a huge garden spider, and I'm a bit freaked out by it).
Does anyone know what to do with an excess of Roma tomatoes? I can't can them, mind you.
Make sauce and freeze it. Freeze them and make sauce later. Thinly slice and dehydrate for tomato chips.

Wee Farmer Sarah

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Oct 8, 2018
North Central Massachusetts
Good morning gardeners. Welcome to our newcomers to the thread. Finally got all the weed whacking and mowing done. Yay! I planted my black-eyed susans in my little flower bed in the front yard. I started a batch of pickles this morning. They are in the fridge wallowing in salt. Of course when I did my walk around the garden I found a nice sized cuke. That one is now hanging with the other slices in a salt bath. I picked a handful of cherry tomatoes, one roma, still finding bush beans, and picked 2 more okra. We are in the first day of what is likely to be another 4 day heatwave with temps 90 and above. At least the grass won't be growing too fast in this heat.. Thanks for reminding me of soup @Sueby. Zucchini soup and I can freeze it. Good to hear you got your electricity restored. I'll be staying indoors alot hanging with Mr. Air Conditioner today and likely all week. Have a great day everyone.

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