What did you do in the garden today?

Compost King

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Apr 19, 2018
Salisbury, North Carolina
I went out in the rain and harvested bottom leaves on my Bok Choy and some green onions and had them in a stir fry. The Store Bok Choy looks so much better but my Bok Choy was far more tender and tasted so much better. I washed the leaves off but when I went to cut them into tiny strips as I do for stir fry there was a tiny earthworm on one of them. I actually put the worm back out into the garden and washed that one leaf again. I wasn't even grossed out. I love earth worms and do not find them to be gross but I still washed off that leaf a 2nd time before I cut it.

Compost King

Free Ranging
Apr 19, 2018
Salisbury, North Carolina
Funny but I do the same I love the worms they do a great job
I was actually happy to see him lol. It means my soil is healthy because the worm was nice and firm. we had a lot of rain (TY Sally) and its common for worms here to climb out of the soil and on to solid objects until the rain stops. Now if I found a caterpillar or a vegetable eating pest I might have gotten sick seeing it as I was preparing food.


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Nov 12, 2017
Western Ohio
What do you think of your Barred Rocks?
We like them! We will likely order some more for the spring. They are a good strong hen personality, which is good for the young males growing up in a flock. My kid got one of them trained to jump straight up for getting treats out of her fingers. Like you would see a dog jump!! And a pair of BR got her a trophy at fair last year

Sally being a good hurricane

Lol. Glad you got a perfect amount of rain. Sally was good to my oldest living on the FL coast -excessive rain, flooding, wind etc in the general area where she lives, which caused her to get 2 days off work...and she took today off bc it’s her birthday today, so she’s happy with the unexpected 5 day weekend!


Apr 23, 2019
Morning all.

Snakes just really creep me out for some reason, I mean they have no legs or arms! I know they're good & all, but I like to pretend they don't exist in my yard. :gig

I don't grow raspberries, but my neighbor does & they cover their entire patch with cloth & use supports. & I was going to say that @NewBoots might be able to with the carnivorous plants!

That's good @Acre4Me, I wanted something that hopefully wouldn't be bossed around by the reds, sound like they may be a good mix.

I have a friend coming over to do some canning today, not sure what he wants to can though, but he's a newb & looking to see if he enjoys it. I'm thawing my frozen san marzs to make some sauce today too, but I won't can it. I'll use most to make stewed meatballs, the rest I'll freeze.

@Wee Farmer Sarah they are talking the possibility of a slight frost this weekend. Something about it not being 32 or lower, but because the ground is still so warm even warmer temps can produce frost on plants. I'm not sure I believe all that, I think the weatherman may have been hitting the scotch a little early. :gig

So I've loved the green beans because they have no bugs, I was picking beans for dinner & found a tiny green worm chewing a hole in a bean! :thMy adoration of green beans has waned. :sick WTH? Maybe cabbage worms?

Yellow jackets are nasty critters. I don't kill much, but those suckers burn.

Have a great day everyone!
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Wee Farmer Sarah

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Oct 8, 2018
North Central Massachusetts
Good morning gardeners. It warmed up to mid 70's yesterday. Got all 3 AC units out of the windows and stored for the winter. The highs today only around 60F. As I'm sure I have mentioned before, getting an accurate forecast for my specific area is difficult. I have an app on my phone that is somewhat accurate and the lows over the next 3 to 4 nights keep bouncing around. Since my poblanos and my okra are in containers I'll let them remain one more night. The butternut squash should be fine if we do have a light frost and the garden bed they are in is raised so I'm hoping for the best with them. Considering the bugs and the frequent heat waves this summer, it hasn't been such a bad harvest. I have several pounds of green beans, sweet peas. okra and peppers in the freezer. I also have my canned tomatoes and salsa, peach preserves and a few jars of pickles. The most disappointing things were the cucumbers, cabbage and leeks. However, I'm letting the leeks go into next Spring to see what happens with them. I'm running low on jars and lids but I do think I have enough to can the grape jam and apples. I can't complain. When I'm cleaning and snapping my beans @Sueby and @Compost King I toss anything with a hole in it into the compost container. The only thing worse than finding a worm in your produce is a half of a worm. Ick! Non poisonous snakes do not bother me as long they stay out of the chicken coop. Years (many, many) ago I was reaching into the nest box and before I could grab the eggs a Cotton Mouth snake raised his head to say good morning. THAT bothered me. I know basically nothing about carnivorous plants, I have enough issues to give me nightmares. A meat eating plant concerns me, like what do they eat when they run out of flies? I don't want to go there. I'm glad your daughter made it through Sally and got a 5 day weekend out it @Acre4Me. OMG @igorsMistress, that little Nn is adorable. I'm pretty sure my third little golden girl, Brassy is laying eggs. For the past couple of days I've been getting a much smaller and rounder egg. Vey cute. The old hens have let up on the littles so there is now peace in the hen house. Back to prepping for winter. Have a great day everyone.


Nov 30, 2018
Lakeside, OR
A meat eating plant concerns me, like what do they eat when they run out of flies? I don't want to go there.
They're fun plants really. The huge family of pitcher plants look like something from a science fiction movie and the flowers even more so. These picture aren't ours, they're from an awesome nursery not far from Portland.


The venus fly traps have those fringed leaves that have (usually) a three haired trigger mechanism that close on anything that trips three hairs in a short time. They're just soft leaves so anything strong enough just ignores them. They have a very pretty delicate simple flower. The sundews are the ones that invented sticky traps. We put them in the kitchen when we get a bloom of fruit flies in the house. :sick They also have pretty flowers and bloom like crazy, and the ones we have are very easy to propagate. That's the three main families and I've simplified the heck out of them. The US has a surprising number of them and we grow nearly all of ours outside year round.

Years (many, many) ago I was reaching into the nest box and before I could grab the eggs a Cotton Mouth snake raised his head to say good morning. THAT bothered me.
OMG I love snakes and that would have freaked me out.

It's raining this morning! :weeI'm hoping it keeps up long enough to do some real good. It's already improved the air quality up in Portland from what I hear so that's good at least. Hopefully it'll help the fires and the firefighters.

No real plans for today, I have enough ripe tomatoes to add to the frozen ones to make another batch of sauce for canning. I think I'll save enough sauce aside to make a pot of spaghetti, it's been months since I've made any. I can try out the super mild Italian sausage I mixed up.

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