What did you do in the garden today?


Jun 12, 2018
Kauai, Hawaii
Aloha all and happy belated TG!
Unlike @NewBoots I don't enjoy the TG journey anymore. Being in a small cottage has it's challenges and cooking can be one, plus I don't like making myself sweat on purpose unless it is exercise. Dinner was wonderful but DH got whole shrimp instead of the de-headed, deveined so I spent 1 hour bent over riping their little heads off, deshelling and deveining. Everyone loved their unusual but tasty early TG dinner and for that, I was grateful!!!

Yesterday, DH and my test came back negative late noon. Someone went to work so others could have a less worrisome holiday. I personally was not worried for us- But, I did notice the sacrifice of someone for all and am grateful for that person.
I was also grateful to be able to cook a nice meal, have everything we needed and be safe and well in this moment.
I did let the itty bitty's wander the big yard the last 2 days. Sooo cute. :loveK. off to clean coops and waterers and whatever work they have created for me this last 24. After standing in the kitchen for 8 hours for a 20 minute meal i am behind on chicken duty, they miss me and I miss them even if it is scraping poop boards ;).


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Jul 24, 2014
WestOak, Nebraska
Was feeling homesick Monday and so I ordered some pecans from Florida. I got 2.5 pounds of Cherry Lee and 2.5 pounds of Desirables. The generic pack of Diamond Pecans from the grocery wasn't cutting it. I wanted 2.5 pounds of Stuarts, but they don't have any. UGH.

DH thinks it's funny that I can tell the difference between the varieties. I'll go up the road 15 miles tomorrow and buy a basket of local pecans too.


Well, this was actually yesterday. I am starting a cutting garden. I got about 80 bulbs in, along one row. Used the trench method.

Ordering peonies tomorrow. Getting 10 year olds. They will be row two.

I have one more row left and I have no idea what I’m going to plant.

Wrong season to put them in, probably, but Dahlias! Are these for Market?

Oldenburg Mom

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Jun 4, 2009
Fredericksb'g/Culpeper VA
Not for market, but I thought it would be lovely to have fresh flowers in my house next year. All the bulbs are fall planting, and I am in zone 7. And the peonies (still waiting for them to be delivered) are also for fall planting.

I’ve discovered this place... https://www.terraceiafarms.com/

They have wonderful choices... I’m also going to put in a bunch of tuberose in the front of my house. They are so beautiful...but I have to wait until the spring for those.

Still have one entire row to fill. I thought about poppies and a lot of stock. Any ideas? Maybe just fragrant annuals?


:hugs It is a little harsh lol but sometime it gets hard not to think that way and unfortunately that is not the way it works. The nice people who risk their lives so we can have food and be cared for will be the ones to pay the price along with the ones trying to be careful and respectful but just had bad luck. I think maybe only the good die young ;)
K. Now I really gotta get :frow
Yah, more than 1,500 Health Care Workers have dies from the COVID19 in the USA already...I have to wear a mask even working in our garden on 2 sides, people are SO careless not wearing masks when they walk, bike or jog by. I need to harvest some beet greens and more fennel seed...and toss more mulch in the run. Temps n the 40s now so I don't stay out long.

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