What did you do with your flock today?

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May 4, 2015
100 Acre Wood Pooh Corner, USA
Who chicken-sits if you go away?
DH & I almost never travel at the same time anymore because of the animals. On the rare occasion we go somewhere together, we have a pet sitter that comes out & takes care of everybody.

You might consider getting an automatic pop door. Just make sure you get it long before you go out of town. That way the birds will be used to it & you can work out any issues it might have ahead of time.


Feb 14, 2016
Today my dad come over to help me put up my grandma’s old gazebo that we used an old satellite dish for the top. I wanted it near the coop so when the leaves fall off the tree, the flock will still have protection when needed for areal attacks.

Just when we finished it started to thunder and lightning but I still wanted the candelabra hung but we had to wait for the storm to pass. We left the ladders by the gazebo and when I looked over the entire flock was huddled under a bench. I ran over and moved the ladders and then they all started marching to the coop. They didn’t want to walk under the ladders because they would’ve had bad luck :lau



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Jul 29, 2017
I haven’t soaked Iris or Papa in Epsom salt since Thursday. I’ve still been changing their bandages and putting Neo and HP on.
And today Iris’s major bumblefoot spot, on one of his back toes, dried up and came out! I guess not soaking him for a while is what he needed. There’s still some buried pretty deep that I need to pick out, but I’m finally making more progress!


There were other pieces I wasn’t able to get a picture of, but I got most of the major chunks. :p

Now both back toes are completely/mostly cleared out. :celebrate


Jun 12, 2018
After cleaning the coops, I bleached and scrubbed all water containers, then disinfected my incubator and put away. My brooder overhang project is at a standstill due to my DH is fixing fences at the pasture and has absconded my drills. That is ok, I have time, I have the corbels up and it is shaded. I need to play around to get the look and effect I want, I had cut and split some bamboo for it to have a green boho look but it looked more tacky than i liked so I am going to go back to 1x's. Till then, the chicks are hanging in my caged in planter box with the asparagus during the sunniest and hottest parts of the day- which they like A LOT. I sold 3 of them last eve, always a mixed plate of happy/mostly sad.

Today I have 2 more momster broodies... for a total of 3. Lovely 😬
20200930_065937 - Copy.jpg

#1, is hiding in the back 40 and almost finished baking, I expect to see her and her brood in about 3 days... I hope... being I forgot to mark my calendar because I did not think it important. Now, I have someone waiting for her chicks and regret being so cavalier.
#2, I just put 5 eggs of MY choosing under her (and marked my calendar)
#3, is getting broken in my very last available space to do so. Too many scary hens... my poor flock... poor me! My Americana's have taken to laying on top of the bales of hay and my BR's are not shy about their nest box complaints:th
So, I have a question for you chicken people. If you saw someone advertising a broody hen how interested would you be in purchasing it? I don't mind 1 but 3 is out of hand. Curious as to who would be interested in my area.

I am also on a cockerel overload... I have 2 working roos, one is in jail for being snotty, 2 are up and coming and 5 are littles, I have a add on craigslist but they are too young to be impressive and eye catchy. No interest so far, so here they stay.

I have a friend who is stalling on picking up the 6 chicks I have been growing out for her... been inconvenient for awhile now. Wish she would get off the stick or fence or pot and save me from myself lol. It would help because I have crowding in the mini coop.
I need to finish spreading some mulch in the run. We have road work or paving going on in front of our home. Out noising and dusting my flock but looks very nice :D
Have a great day all! Stay safe and well!!!
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