What do chickens sleep on or in?

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    I'm new to owning chickens and I've built a awesome shed sized coop it's really nice but I don't know if they perch themselves, I have nest boxes but do I need to include a perch I mean there are shelves and high places to go their nest boxes are pretty high up but do they need a wooden perch pole or something?
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    They could sleep on shelves or other high places fine. They will usually sleep the highest place they can go. The nest boxes are OK up high but don't need to be. You do not want them sleeping in the nest boxes because you will wind up with poopy eggs, so most people provide a roost which is higher than the nest boxes. Chickens' feet don't wrap around a narrow pole or branch like some other birds' do. A good roost is the wide side of a 2x4. This also lets them keep their feet warm if you live where it is cold. Keep in mind that they drop about half their daily poop while asleep.

    A coop also needs to be well ventilated. I hope you read up on ventilation before you built it.

    There are some links on this page that might be informative for you.


    If you will put your location below your name, it will be helpful.
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    Mine sleep in pajamas. I sure wouldn't send 'em to bed nekked! [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    Quote:[​IMG] [​IMG]
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    Quote:My coop has plenty of ventilation near the roof area and i can open the doors there big so i can rake the poopy hay out and clean the coop oh, and there are 2 windows
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