What do fertilized eggs go for where you live?

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    Just kind of curious what fertilized eggs go for in you guy's area? I was trying to sell some overflow eggs on craigslist and had someone email me and ask for fertilized eggs, telling me that they would give me $5 a dozen!! I sell my eating eggs for $3 a dozen, and they require more work! Collect, wash, carton, refridgerate! Whereas hatching eggs just take collecting and carton. Although you do have to be careful not to shake them up. I mean, I can't even guarantee that the chicks would be purebred, some will be, but not all. What are you guy's thoughts on this? I obviously agreed to the price, it just seemed silly on her part...
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    If I buy from someone who sells mixed backyard breeds, I pay what ever the going rate is for "eating" eggs, maybe a little more, because fertile eggs can be hard to find in some areas.. I would want them to be extremely fresh, to have been handled gently and not refrigerated. I just paid $2.00 for a dozen last week, but I would have paid more.

    If I were going to buy from someone who has purebred, quality stock, I'd expect to pay more. I paid $7.00 for 18 eggs last week. That is actually his asking rate for a dozen (depending on the breed). (On ebay his eggs were going for more than $12/dozen.)
    On Ebay, I saw other eggs, going for over $25 a dozen, not icluding shipping, most notably some "blue eggers" which were mixed breeds, the owner had crossed in an attempt to get deeper blue eggs. He said that his eggs had won ribbons in the local county fair.
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