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    Aug 11, 2010
    I have...had.... 12 chickens, 6 months or so old, all doing very well and giving me eggs!! I have a great coop and an enclosed area for them to feed etc. 2 weeks ago I came upon a hawk feasting on one of my birds which devasted me I must say.

    So...my daughter knowing how upset I was, went out and bought me 2 guinea hen chicks!! Now they are in my basement under a heat lamp etc. My question is when and how do I release them?

    She said she researched them and that they get along with chickens, can live in the same coop if they decide to come home etc. I'm afraid that my big girls will peck the babies, but they really need to get outside soon, they've almost featherd out completely. I will care for them in the appropriate matter, I just need to know will they get along, can I release them soon, how will they get food in the coop......on and on and on! Any info will be greatly appreciated.

    I have looked online some, but it just seems like conflicting information.

    Thank you so much!
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    Hey- I had the same problem this year. This is what I did. We have a carport and when we moved them outside, they were in a rabbit cage and that's where they lived for a few weeks. This carport isn't too far from the chicken coop. After a few weeks, we'd open the door of the cage in the evening, and the guineas would roam around a bit, then roost on top of the cage or a nearby ladder. Prob. not the safest, since they were not inside, but they made it. Eventually after doing this, we left the cage open all day and put their food and water near the cage. Then began moving the food and water over closer to the coop. They didn't venture far. As chance would have it, we had an unruly roo that we decided to leave outside of the coop /enclosure at all times. Well he began sleeping on top of the chicken coop and the guineas joined him. Now, they follow him around everywhere - they get upset and squak if he gets out of their sight! The guineas go into the coop and eat with the chickens (because they fly over the enclosure) - even though we leave food out for them and the roo.. and they all just hang out. But every night, all the other chickens go in the coop, and the guineas and rooster roost on top. So far nothing has gotten them and this has been going on since the late spring.

    I bet if they take up with one of your chickens they will follow them and do what they do.

    Good luck to you - p.s I don't think guineas are at all as loud as people make them out to be.

    Also, sorry about the hawk. They are bad this time of year!!!
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    when they are fully feathered and are a good size i would put them in they are pretty quick and they should all work it out my guineas eat and sleep with my two best layers and the male has taken quite a shine to them when they free range they hang out together its one big happy family and funny to watch:lol:

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