what do I do with a problem hen?

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    My barred rock hen is becoming a problem in my flock. She is attaching other hens and has become a bit agressive with me. About two months ago, my dog got ahold of her and treated her like a rag doll. He raised her, and they were great friends. But I think he had her cornered, she paneked and he reacted. He didn't hurt her, but her fethers were rubbed off on her back when she was dragged on the ground. Poor baby! Two months later, and those feathers are not growing back! Her back looks like a bunch of scar tissue, and she gets sun burn all the time! She also has turned on some of my other hens, when she used to be the nicest. She almost killed one other hen, pecking a hole in her neck!

    So what do I do with her? Send her to a farm? Give her away for meat? I can't keep her around, and she just dosen't seem happy anymore! Any suggestions?
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    Sounds like you already know the answer

    Send her to a farm? Give her away for meat? I can't keep her around, and she just doesn't seem happy anymore!

    The feathers should grow back when she molts, and you could use a chicken saddle to protect her from the sun till then,

    or try separating her to knock her down a peg or two (Is she the head hen?),

    but if she's got to go.

    Imp- maybe the attack affected her mind.​
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