what do i do with my june strawberries for the winter?


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i just bought a new house and the lady before has a big garden area she has to long rows of wat she called june berries she said they were strawberries idk what i should do with them to protect them though the winter should i cover them very well with straw or something??
I live in Minnesota. I do absolutely nothing to protect my June berries. My neighbor swears mine will all die if I don't cover them. She always covers hers. We have this conversation every autumn. This spring, I gave her a bunch due to hers not surviving winter. Do with this info what you will.
They're June bearing strawberries, which means they make most of their fruit during the month of June. As for how to keep them alive over the winter, it depends on where they're planted. In Chicken Lover's case, her strawberries do fine with no extra attention, likely due to how they're planted (some places give better shelter from wind/freezing temps) and others need a bit of help. In my friend's case, we spread a bit of straw over them for the winter, or dead leaves from the trees. If they would get a decent layer of insulating snow they wouldn't need too much help, but it's a crapshoot here as to how the snow will be.

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