What do i do with this loco dog?!


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Jul 1, 2007
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Okay my dog is driving me nuts!!!!! Background on her.

Name: Juny
Breed: border collie/lab?
Frist home: the pound
Age: roughly 8 months
Objective: seek and destroy
Best friend: Kiowa our lab

She is driving me nuts! She has chewed up 300 dollars worth of stuff. You can not leave her alone in the house. All the dogs are baby gated in our family room. And now she has to be crated if you can't be in the room with her. She has a way of holding things in her mouth so you don't know she has something. So she is always bring nasty stuff in the house. She chewed up her chain and now she has found a way to climb the wooden wall of their kennel in the barn. Theres a 6 foot drop and she is going to jump it. She hasn't yet but she will. She can jump the 3 foot baby gate no problem. She climbs like a cat. She barks and i want to drop kick her to the next county. But it would break kiowas heart. Im trying to train them both as therapy dogs. He is much father along then she is. I know they are not getting the exercise they need. I work full time and have only 3 hours at night before we go to bed. They get a long hard run and short swim in the pool every night. Id like to do agility with her. But she is hard to train. Not that she doesn't want to listen but every time you correct her ( i use vocal corrections) she rolls over and shows her belly. Ugh im not beating her i just want her to shake hands thats all. If she can't get what your saying in a coulpe trys she rolls over. Ive started using clicker training with her. Its helping with leash training.
If we can't be outside with them they are on chains or in the kennel. But when we are out they get to run.

Oh and she has a nose on her too! I have thought about doing SAR with them. My parents use too.

Well theres my rant. If you have any ideas please let me know.
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I have a boxer/pitt puppy.. she's about 9 months old... she used to chew stuff a lot, anytime I'm not home, she gets put in a kennel. Other than that, we bought her lots of rawhide,and different toys to keep her occupied so she would only chew HER things. She got her nose slapped anytime she chewed anything else... This helps teach them not to chew. They also make a product called 'bitter apple' that you spray in their mouth anytime they chew... it leaves a bad taste in their mouth and also helps them learn. Hopefully some of that helps... if not, you may have to take her to obedience classes???

You could also put her outside... but that won't really solve her training issue. She will chew stuff outside instead. fences, trees, anything. Dogs that aren't trained will usually find anything outside to chew, and also dig lots of holes.

Whether you keep her inside or out, she'll benefit a lot from being properly trained. Train her now too, cause a lot of it's her age and training her now will help her be a very good, loyal adult dog:)
O.K. lets describe a border collie-very high energy working dog that needs things to do. They are very intelligent. A working border is a happy border. If they do not have a job they will create. O.K. Lab also a very intelligent, high energy dog. Get you a tennis ball and go to work.
At 8 months old it is still a baby. Some breeds mature (emotionally and mentally) slower than others. Sounds like puppy is being a puppy. Border collies are high energy dogs...trying to confine her behind a gate or in kennel is only going to make her unhappy. They need room to run and a job as a general rule.

But, they are much more go go go than the lab is.

Try bitter apple on anything she is caught chewing...if need be hotwire around the kennel area.
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Ugh she drives me nuts. We are going to go for our CGC and therapy cerf. with her. She is just so hyper. Part of her problem is that she was dumped at the pound before she was even born. Her mom had her there. We didn't get her till she was around 6 months old. So she has a 8wk old puppy brain in a 60lb body. Once we get the money im gonna put in a 4ft fence with hot wire on the top and bottom of it. She was herding the cats with the border collie stare but she stopped doing that. Now she swims like mad. Has anybody made agility jumps and tunnels or know where i could find them? A good run swim and run through a course may chill her out. They both need a job. The lab was helping with the house hold chores but he hit a year old so till he chills he doesn't help.

Im going to try and take them hiking this weekend. They each get a good walk once week for training at different places. I also am taking them to music pratice anything to get ready for the CGC test.

I can't walk both of them at the same time yet.
Im going to try and find someone to hike with me at least twice a month and take them swiming at my moms lake also.
I think my problem with her is she is my first rescue dog. I have always bought my dogs from breeders at 8wks. So this is new to me.

How does this sound for exercise for her and my lab. Shes 8 months and hes 14 months.
A hard run that involves fetching from water every night, and work on commads.
twice a week a walk off the propety for a least a hour
A hike,swim and dock diving twice a month.
maybe a bike ride? Im not great on a bike though.
try and build a agility course to run them on each night.

once i get a fence up they are outside except at night. Its manly like that now but then they will have room to run.

Does this sound good for a fun dog yard?
A pool
a sandbox juny loves to dig we have junyholes everywhere.
a lean too with doghouses to get out of the rain
ramps and over obects to play on.
what else do they need?

Id love to use the bitter apple but id have to spary everything in the house.

How fast do borders mature? I know my lab is a gonna have puppy brain till bout 3 yrs old.

I train dogs on the side but she has me stumped. Most likely because it my dog. Never fails.
It would be a good idea to train the dogs how to walk on a leash without pulling together. I have two pitbulls under a year old that Im still working on this training with on a daily basis. It's not easy as falling off a log but it's doable. Watch training videos on Youtube and "it's me or the dog" on animal planet is AWESOME training help. Since you work you can probably tape it or watch episodes on Animal Planet.com. You have to start with training one then when they get what you want out of them start trying to do both at once. Sounds like you have nice stimulants set up for them. Border collies are usually more trainable with toys, balls, frisbies etc as a reward than treats. You may want to try that if you are not already and you may get better results from her. One of my pitbulls is very hyper and agile and LOVES frisby and ball and all those things. I too want to set up agility things for her to learn in the yard. Good luck with her. If you can stick it out I'm sure she will make a wonderful pet for you.
ok..so this thinking is wrong..putting her outside and ignoreing her wont help at all...of course she can be in the house !! she needs training and work...the hiking will help..balls or agility would be great for her...she is at that age,they tend to drive you crazy anyway...find a good trainer,one that can help with OB and some agility work..will do wonders for her...probably wont settle her down much,but she will be more controlable and will listen to you..could also train her to go on bike rides with you..
I work full time and have only 3 hours at night before we go to bed.

so... i'm saying this as gently as i can, i know you cant read tone online.. so assume good will and good and loving intentions... but this comment might be the problem.

working dogs need to work. they need a job. if they job is to sit in the house - it will drive THEM nuts. being outside might help - but she might find a way over the fence.

you might want to think if this is the right dog for you. if yes, then you probably need to:

* double down on your commitment and invest in getting her trained
* exhaust her EVERY DAY to the point where she gives up (have her fetch, run her between you and someone else etc)
* give her a job, any job such as "walk the property line" or "sit and stay on your mat/place/bed while i make dinner", "go find the ____ (whatever - hide toys or treats)
* consistently train her - even when you are tired.. dont let her get away with the barking the chewing and what not
* be the boss of her every single second
* when she learns her voice commands have her learn hand signals
* rent several seasons of "the dog whisperer" and do what he does
* get a copy of the book "the farmers dog" and do what he does

working dogs are smart and good problem solvers. they are also stubborn. properly channeled they can be heaven sent and invaluable.. otherwise.. ick.. you get a nutty dog. the chewing is probably boredom and anxiety.

there are 2 schools of thought on this last point - one says that you have a limited time to get that dog in line.. the other is that she is still a baby and will 'mature' into her better behavior. i have two heaven sent working dogs, one i trained from a pup - easy as pie and my most reliable dog; the other i got at about a year and spent a grueling frustrating 2 years getting him into shape. earlier is MUCH better. she will behave as you train her.

good luck​

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