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    May 27, 2016
    My chicks are all different ages ranging from about 3 weeks to 6 weeks ish. Do I keep them all on crumble until they're all of age, or should I mix the feed?
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    My whole flock, 50+ all get flock raiser crumbles with oyster shell on the side for layers. I have chicks, pullet, hens, cockerels and roosters raging from day old to years. Everybody gets the same feed. It is 20% protein and I put oyster shell on the side for the ladies who are laying. So I will never switch to layer.

    I would keep them all on the starter or flock raiser/grower until the last one is laying and then switch to layer. Of course when to switch to layer is a personal choice but not before seeing your fist egg. The only thing layer has is the oyster shell mixed in instead of on the side, but it also has less protein at usually 16%.

    Crumbles verses pellets? I stay with crumbles. My previous flock wouldn't eat the pellets. But others have the opposite and their birds won't eat the crumble. Only difference is size, that's it. So do whatever works for your flock, but for younger birds I would think crumbles.

    I also ferment my feed, so shape has no impact as it's served out like oatmeal. Saves a little, increases nutrition and health, decreases poo smell drastically. [​IMG] Take a peek at the link in my signature line, it's super easy to do and highly recommended.

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