What do I need to do? My duck hatched ducklings!


10 Years
Jan 22, 2010
We honestly didn't think our duck was going to hatch anything. We have a Runner and then a pair of Swededs. Well, the female Swede layed a huge nest of eggs but never sat on them - perfect for us. The Runner, Emily, on the other hand protected her nest like a dragon

I have been checking on the eggs end yesterday saw that they were all hatching. I brought 2 inside because I said my girls could keep 2 and they were excited to watch them hatch. However, Emily has 6 with her that are hatched. What do I do? She doesn't allow the other ducks in the duck house which is fine but the house is a bit off of the ground. Do I put duckling food out? What do I do for water? And, what the heck do I put around the bottom of the fencing so they won't get out?

Or, should I move Mom and babies into the garage in a kiddie pool with fence around it (which is how Mom was raised).

Lastly - whomever told me last year that Runners rarely go broody is on my poop list!
I would get Mamma and babies and put them in the garage, that way they're safe, the other ducks won't be able to eat the babies feed and you'll be able to take lots of photos to share with all of us LOL

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