What do I need to know about having ducks?

Discussion in 'Ducks' started by auntbee, Mar 28, 2009.

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    Jul 14, 2008
    I came on here last year and learned everything I needed to know about chickens, and we've had our girls for 8 months now. However, a neighbor heard them one day and reported us so we have to get rid of them. [​IMG] We would love to continue getting our own eggs and were thinking we might be able to get ducks and then just not tell anyone we have them and hope for the best (we have a 6 foot high fence and a covered coop/run). So, a quiet breed is best (though we do have wild neighborhood ducks that everyone loves) and dh really wants muscovy because he read that they don't quack. How different is raising ducks versus chickens? Is there an overview somewhere? We live in Utah so the winters can get cold; can ducks, particularly muscovy or other really quiet breeds, handle it no problem or is there something specific we need to do? Thanks for your help, I'm so sad to say goodbye to my girls!
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    Ducks are wetter and nosier but as you already know Muscovies are quiet and they are a fine eating duck. I wouldn't house them with chickens if you are able.
    Muscovies are excellent for eating flies and mosquitoes.
    I live in Michigan and we can get as low as -25/30 temps and they do fine IF you provide them with dry shelter and plenty of food and fresh water daily.
    You might want to check out my Muscovy page and raising waterfowl tip page on my website.
    Currently my Muscovy waiting list is closed so I'm not trying to sell you anything.
    Good luck!
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    muscovy are native to the tropics and must have adequate shelter in winter. both males and females do not quack, ducks coo and twitter and drakes hiss or breathe loudly. they are prolific egg layers and must have wings clipped as they can fly, males less well as they age and put on weight. they do produce duck poop prolifically too and are more work in that regard. muscovy females are arguably the best mothers too. I have 20 and love mine.

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    Do not select Rouen or Mallard if you are seeking quiet. They are happy to give the "high ball" call loudly at 5:00am and will alert a neighborhood of the sunrise much more than any rooster.
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    Feb 8, 2009
    i have some magpie ducks and they are wonderful there quiet and easy to care for just give um food water and shelter and theyll be happy, i love
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    Quote:Do not get Rouen if you do not want to get vicously attacked everyday when you try to be nice and bring them food and water. [​IMG]
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    don't get call ducks ether
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    one thing you have to know, they are messy. they poop a lot and they make a MESS with their water. it gets pretty cold here in CT and we just built them a house and connected it to their pen. we kept a bunch of hay in there with them to keep them warm. if a big snow storm was coming or it was going to get real cold, we would throw in some extra hay. the pen was covered with tarps to keep the snow out and to keep it a bit warmer. we had to get them a heated water bucket so it would not freeze. i have pekins and they can get pretty noisy. because they have feathers to keep them from getting cold in water, they do rather well in the cold. they will monitor their own food, so just always have food and water (deep enough for them to have their heads in) available. they will need to be locked up at night to stay safe (obviously). in the winter, we would shovel the snow away in front of their pen so they could come out. they have no feeling in their feet so they can get frostbite on snow and ice easily. i'm trying to think of what else....they would be happy with at least a kiddie pool to swim in and to clean themselves in. hmmm. can't think of much else, but one last point, they are AMAZING and very cute and fun to watch. they are just awesome.

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