What do I need?


10 Years
Mar 15, 2009
Camino, CA
I am off to the store in an hour for the chicks that I have coming in 1 week...
What do I need?
I have: A large brooder with 2 heat lights, a feeder, and a waterer. So I am assuming I need more.
So... What kind of bedding should I get? What kind of chick starter should I get? Medicated? Non-medicated? Anything else I'll need?
Thanks! I'm about to leave so perfect timing!
I used to use saw dust as well because we had a mill just a few miles down the road and they gave them to us free! They went out of business a few years ago though so I'm on my own this time.
If you don't have a thermometer, you need one to make sure your brooder temps are correct. Sure, they will "tell you" if they are hot or cold, but thermometers are a cheap, easy backup.

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