what do I use for bedding to absorb the moisture? they stink...

D'Angelo N Va.

10 Years
Dec 28, 2009
I have 10 little ducks born the week before Easter, they are in a 10x12 outdoor aviary, but they are really stinking up the yard...what can I use to control that...I have a 40 gallon tank in there for them to swim in and that keeps the ground wet when they get out and splash the water. I will eventually put them on my pond, but I was told I have to keep them up until they are old enough to stop eating the starter/grower....any suggestions are welcomed...thanks in advance. D'Angelo
DE (diotomaceous earth) can help, as can Stall-Dri which is used for horses. Both are available in feed stores. If you were planning to keep them there, I'd suggest building a "water porch" with gravel drainage below, but since they won't be there for long it's probably more effort than you need to put in.

You can also just toss straw or hay on the ground in the wet areas every couple days and it will keep both smell and bugs down considerably. I use this method (called "deep litter") and only clean out the pen a couple times a year without problems.

Duckies are stinky. Good luck!
peagravel drains really well. We keep peagravel around the kiddie pools- they don't bring it into the water like they do straw and it drains really well.

also wood pellets are great for soaking up water.
I am using wood shavings and Stall Dri in my new brooding area, it's working pretty well except for right around their little tub, i have to change the bedding there daily. I think pea gravel would work well, but sand really just sucks up here where I am, the ground here already holds water too well(old riverbed).

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