What do they have?

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11 Years
Jul 30, 2008
I had two pullets that had poop that was running and the color of butterscotch. The other symptoms were lethargic and what appeared to be gradual paralysis of the wings.
I noticed the one pullet who would from the time she learned to roost would launch herself from the roost and fly out to the run in the morning. This past week she still launched herself but would crash land simply because her wings looked like they were moving in slow motion.
I culled both last night.

Any one any ideas?

The rest of the flock seems healthy and happy.
Hmmm one in 10 poos is some sort of pancreas excretion and those look like butter scotch. Lethargy and clumsiness could be many things. Think the worst possibility would be mareks, or just a simple bacterial thing maybe coccidiosis.... Someone who knows more will be a long soon. Hope the rest stay heathy.
I was thinking mareks. I got four chicks from the feed store they were suppose to be vaccinated the other two are just as healthy looking as they could possibly be.

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