What do u get when x a Red sex link and a RIR?

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I have a Delaware hen and RIR roo. I have hatched out some sex links and I have a question about their offspring.

If I mate a red sex link (F1) to a RIR roo will all the offspring be RIR or will I still get some sex links?

I ask this because I have hatched out 2 more little white cockerels and I did not put any of the delaware eggs in the bator. They were the darker colored RIR eggs. (possibly from the red sex link) These 2 white roos have me a little baffeled right now because 1 of them has a single comb and the other has a Rose comb. Where did the rose comb come from and why are they white?

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I changed the title from "Red Sex Link and RIR" to the above title so it makes it a little more clear as to what I am actually wanting an answer to.

Hope this gets some guesses or answers.

You get a mix breed chicken. A sex-link is not a purebred and crossing back to a RIR won't make the F2 a pure bred. You get a RIR when you breed back to the point every chick hatched is the predictable standard RIR hatchling. Comb, wattles, leg, skin and feather color conform to the standard. Believe me - if you have seen well bred show quailty RIR's you'll know there are MANY generations of work to do before they begin to fit the standards.
The white came from one of the background breeds. A Red sex-link is either a RIR or NHR roo x White rock or Silver Lace Wyandotte, RI White or Delaware hen.

I'm not sure on the combs of these breeds but, I'm sure if you check you will find the answer to that.
So does that meen that the F2 chicks from the F1 (hen) with a RIR roo I would get some RIR (looking) pullets and cockerels and some RIR looking pullets (sex link) and some White cockerels (sex link)?

I have heard about the rosecomb RIR that are out there and the ones Bama has but I haven't gotten any other rosecomb RIR's (at least not yet)


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