what do weasels eat?????


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Nov 12, 2015
hi. i need to know what weasels eat cuz i have had a weasel catching my chickens the last week... i know they drink blood but im going to set a trap and i cant put blood in a trap. so i need to know what they eat..
They will eat any meat. I am sure if you put a hotdogs in the trap the weasel would eat it.
Just be sure to put the trap in an area so that you do not accidentally catch a chicken instead.
I had a guy tell me one of the best places is to nail the trap to the side of the coop. The weasel will climb up to get the meat, but a chicken cannot reach the trap.
well i went on my bike to check on my chickens and i see a weasel that has made a hole the the side of my coop and is going in my coop!!! so i run over there and look in side and see a dead chicken... next time i come to find another dead chicken and her neck was biten but the weasel did not eat it? and that chicken was hard as rock like it has been there all night and only the neck was biten and the weasel did not eat it! i dont think why the weasel dident eat it cuz of the rooster. but he was the one that killed the rooster and dident eat it eather?? i know its a weasel beucz that hole is the side was small so only a weasel could fit in it..
Get yourself some hardware cloth. Fix the hole and I would wrap the coop in it do he cannot make another hole. Then set a trap outside your coop and get rid of him, any meat will attract him.
ok but we live 4 hours away from the first town! and Afer i do that he will go to the turkey house and do the same thing.. I JUST SO SICK AND TIERD OF THE WEASEL... thats it im getting our old fasion kill traps and im getting rid of him!!! (i hope theres only one weasel!)
and + he already killed MOST of my chickens i tryed to stop him and block the hole and move the chickens to another house but the weasel just moves to that house... if have like 20 chickens i would still have some but i only had 4 to begin with!. im not buying anymore chickens till this DUMB WEASEL IS DEAD!! (i only have one chicken tho and im keeping her inside till i do my bissness with this weasel.

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