What do you all feed your chickens?


Mar 10, 2018
Just curious to see what else I can feed them.
I feed them popsicles,types of bread,veggies even certain meat parts that I struggle chewing up (or the nasty fatty parts),scratch,rice(not too much,too much starch isn’t good for them),vanilla wafers,ginger snaps (Read that it calms their stress) and probably some more things I can’t think of.
Around/after Halloween I take the old pumpkins and use my hatchet to cut it in half. Then I cut up the insides so they are loose and it’s just a bunch of seeds and pumpkin guts. Then I put sunflower seeds, corn, and mealworms in the pumpkin halves. I stir it up and give it to them. They love it and peck the outside when they are bored. Otherwise, when it’s not Halloween, I give them bread or a whole cabbage that I hang in the run. I also sprinkle scratch, mealworms, and corn in the run every now and then.
Mine like pizza, spaghetti, cupcakes, lasagna, salad, salmon, elk and venison, lingcod... We give them leftovers about once a week and they have liked it all, I just have to make sure there aren't unsafe ingredients.

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