What do you do with chicks?


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I'm setting my first eggs on Tuesday, and am very excited
. My problem is, I don't actually need anymore chickens. My other problem is, I'm already planning a second hatch.

I do have 2 people that are interested in my unwanted chicks with this first hatch, but I'm wondering how reliable Craigslist ads are. What I mean is, does anyone sell off extra chicks on a regular basis? I have a starter set of FBCM and would like to breed for refined egg color, but my husband won't let me keep more than 14 chickens at a time.

It depends on the buyer. You can put ads on Craigslist or any where else as long the price is reasonable and honest about it.
You could update your profile so everyone knows at least a geographical area you are in, there are plenty here that would probably take them off your hands. JMHO I don't trust Craig's List for anything! Also there is probably a state or local facebook page dedicated to poultry or livestock swaps in your area, it's usually a great place to find buyers or traders.
I'll look for a face book page. I did try to get my kids to join 4h, but the meetings are too late at night for us.

I would be afraid to sell to anyone on here. I don't really know anything, the plan is just to pick the chickens that fit the profile the best, and then let nature take its course (for one week each month
) I wouldn't want anyone involved in showing to get stuck with a chicken from an amateur. It seems marans people tend to be awfully serious about their chickens
I think I'll update the profile anyway, just in case there is someone who wants a couple test chickens
It's a struggle for many of us to limit our hatching. It's important for each of us to hatch responsibly and have plans cemented for the future of each little chick.
right now, I only have 2 hens and 1 roo that are good enough to consider breeding. the others are off on their coloring, or not enough leg feathers, or not a dark enough egg. I would estimate not producing more than 8 chicks each month, and that is only if the girls decided to lay everyday the week they were fertile (i.e. probably never
). I am trying to find 2 blue hens, but they are few and far between - so I'll stick with the 5-8 chick number for now.

I also worked with rescue dogs for a few years, and propagated corals as a hobby. My policy has always been to only give animals to people with enough sense and experience to care for them properly. That being said, I've only been to 2 chicken shows, and everything else i've learned has pretty much been from the community here
so I guess I could try to sell all of my extras here, and then blame it on everyone that gave me advice if something goes wrong

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