what do you do with dead eggs?

chics in the sun

9 Years
Apr 1, 2010
For me, I can't "be" country since I'm not in the country - so, I am planning on putting mine in a plastic bag and throwing them away, too. (I will know in a few days if I have any "quiters") If I threw it it would hit one of my neighbors' houses or yards and that would NOT make for more fans of my chicken hobby.

And if I put it in a bush somewhere it would definately draw 'coons or possums closer to my chickens and give them the wrong idea about who our lovely eggs are intended for!


10 Years
Oct 4, 2009
I bury them. I don't want my dog finding them so we don't throw them. In very early spring when the lake water was just melting my bf threw some quitters into the water, I guess one didnt quite make it and our dog found it and ate it just a month ago. He puked it up in the car on the way to the vet for his first shots. I have never smelled anything so bad in my life. It smelled like onions and.... omg it was terrible.
We told the vet about it, certain the dog was going to die, and he just said "I've heard worse. If he puked it up, he is going to be fine." The dog is fine but I will never smell onions and not think of that egg. At least the dog puked on a towel in the backseat, bless his disgusting little heart.

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