What do you do with your extra eggs?

Discussion in 'Ducks' started by Sfraker, Sep 2, 2014.

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    We get 4-5 per day (not sure which of my four is laying an extra egg here and there). For the three of us it is too many eggs. I took some deviled eggs into work, yesterday I gave a friend a dozen. What do you do with your extra eggs?
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    Do you have any other animals?

    Feeding them to the Dog/Cat usually works. My mother hates eggs, but keeps chickens for the sole purpose of supplementing her 4 dogs' raw food diet.

    You can also feed them back to your ducks. Scrambled, or Boiled & chopped up.

    I put all our shells in the vitamix, grind them up to a powder and then add to my dog's, cat's and duck's food.
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    We sell some - I am slowly building our list of regular customers as the girls all get up to speed and I get an idea of our supply (right now we average a dozen a day - our family uses about 2 dozen, so I have 5 "spare" dozen). Those that aren't sold are given away to folks I know who can use them (this is a great way to get a steady customer - give a few now and then and they get hooked and then want to be sure to have a steady supply which they are happy to pay for) or fed back to the flock as boiled or scrambled egg treat. My oldest just recently moved away from college and took some with her and then picked up another three dozen this weekend while home for a visit, so apparently I will also be saving some before each visit for her to take back with her, lol.

    ETA - and now I see this is "ducks" - -oops - oh well, answer still applies (second time today that using the new posts feature has bit me in the behind due to not noticing the forum a post is from)
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