What do you guys think of her?


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Jul 18, 2007
Northwestern, pa
that was priceless, loved it she is very tallented.
my pup went off too hearing her,lol. best wishes for her she gets on the show that would be awesome!!

edit- i think it would be awesome also if like a talent scout or someone saw her doing her impressions and they wanted to hire her to do sounds for like cartooning or movies(dr. doolittle or homeward bound type movies). could u imagine that would be so neat if she could turn that into a career. the horse omg that was my fav, expresion and all it was incredible i agree with person below me and my other fav was the fighting one that was incredible it sounded like 2 dogs going at it for real.
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Feb 14, 2009
How on earth can she do that? That's amazing. I watched both videos. What's crazy is her face takes on the expression of the animal as she makes the sound on a lot of them. The horse one was really good. I play animal sounds with my toddler and I can never do anything even close to sounding like a horse. Ha.
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