What do you hate about where you live


12 Years
Dec 14, 2007
the people mostly. The island is Americanized to the teeth, but the people hold steadfast to 3rd world ignorance. its amazing, and frightening.


12 Years
Oct 3, 2007
I hate that 8 yrs. ago when I moved here it was rural and know every major department store has moved in. Laterally was only a gas station and grocery store here when I moved in. Now the main road is 4 lanes and there is a new store and/or shopping center on every available piece of land. I still live down a quit road but if drive a mile up and turn the corner you might as well be in the middle of town. What happened to the two lanes of traffic and the small town feel. I need to move again


12 Years
Sep 3, 2007
Centerville, tennessee
Angie n Maine? oh my gawddddddddd how do chickens live in such snow? we had a dusting of snow xmas day. and it was too much. ive seen 5 inches in life and maybe a little more.. once we had a freeze ice storm 1994.. it was horrendous. but that will be talked about for 50 years.
2 below zero on wednesday and 74 on saturday. what a life we have. airconditioning in the evening and heat on in the morning. kids lose their coats and mittens cause they are only needed before 8am each day.
get my chicken houses fixed up for winter by november and they burn up in there because its 80 degrees until it suddenly drops to 4 degrees that night.
put the heat bulb on the chicks for night and over sleep and the heat kills them by 10am.
by april the tomatoes are yelling to be sit out into the garden..the grass has been mowed three times already. flowers growing and by may in full bloom and the fruit trees are heavy with wonderful blooms and some fruit. flowers blooming so glorously and the air clean and grand that you just want to celebrate every day tht you live.. then june 1st comes along and a deep freeze below zero comes and kills every living thing in sight.
baby chickens already ready to free range.. dead from freezing and the garden black as night from the ice. roses frozen til noon then turn black from the bite.
trees lose their leaves and h ave to start all over. pond plants floating black and dead from losing their spring growth to the freeze.
covering plants each night in the cold putting bricks and any weight possible on them to hold them down from the wind.. and then by 9am the sun has killed the baby plants under the covers. 80 degrees at 5pm and surely no need for cover on the plants surprise snow by morning.

and the weather man knows less than my elderly uncle across the road..he says if you dont like our weather stand still a minute it will change ...


12 Years
Jul 11, 2007
Covington, GA
The only thing I hate about my area is the over development. Huge neighborhoods of houses that look exactly alike and that are three feet apart. I am right on the edge of a semi agricultural area but these crappy neighborhoods are popping up everywhere around people fields in every nook and cranny they can find.
A lot of ignorance around too, but Im sure thats pretty wide spread though.

Aside from all that, I still call it home. My family is here and my friends.


Flock Goddess
13 Years
Jan 12, 2007
Weymouth, Massachusetts
All the interesting things that make my area interesting have been demolished or turned into condos.

Paragon Park--demolished and turned into condos. Some of the rides went to Canobie Lake Park in NH, so we get to visit them, but the Roller Coaster went to MD.

Goliath Crane--being sent to Romania to be used by a South Korean company to make ships.

My elementary school-condos.
3 schools in Weymouth--condos.

Neighbours who think that rules only apply to everyone else.
Folks who feel the need to bring their coffee with them EVERYWHERE...you sit down and drink it at home. YOU DO NOT need to bring it into the petshop, the market or any other place...

Simon Malls--they could drop you in Outer Mongolia and if there's a Simon Mall, you'd feel right at home...

McMansions! Who can afford these monstrosities?!

SUV's like Escalades and Hummers. Why did you buy this thing that gets 2 miles per gallon? And then park next to the little Prius so that you can't see around them to get out of the space safely...

Houses built ontop of one another...If I wanted to see into someone else's place, I'd be in a condo...

People who move to the suburbs and then complain about how long it takes to get anywhere...it's not like there's not things all around them, but they may not be brand name...gasp


not rusty
12 Years
Feb 20, 2007
Shepherd, Texas
And Bliss, I am dyin laughing at your smilies, where do you guys find these, they are hilarious!!!!!

I just cruise the free smiley sites and save them to Photobucket, then insert where appropriate.
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12 Years
Oct 9, 2007
I hate the Kennedy's, the taxes, the governor.

I am really starting to dislike the winters.

Barnyard Dawg

12 Years
Feb 7, 2007
Northern California
Urban sprawls, reduction of farmland, city folks who move to the country and complain about animals, people who smoke and throw their butts out of the car, people who are in a hurry to get nowhere. Illegal immigration, polluting cars, automobile that are gas-guzzlers, road congestion, are also some of my other pet peeves.

Buff Hooligans

12 Years
Jun 11, 2007
It seems everyone hates overcrowding and people moving to rural areas, but that's overpopulation for ya. Too many people making too many babies.

Fewer people, more chickens!
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