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    Snipit from the article pointing to the above link...

    Newest Crime Against Political Correctness: Large Eggs

    These days liberals trying to find new things for us to feel guilty about really have to stretch — but not as much as chickens laying large eggs:

    It might make a larger omelette but a bigger egg isn't necessarily a better one — and it certainly doesn't make the hen that laid it very happy.

    That is the view of the chairman of the British Free Range Producers' Association, who says that if you want to be kind to hens, you should eat medium, not large or very large, eggs.

    "It can be painful to the hen to lay a larger egg," Tom Vesey, who keeps 16,000 hens on 45 acres at Dingestow, Monmouth, told The Times. "There is also the stress, which is a big problem as it takes more out of hens to lay large eggs. It would be kinder to eat smaller eggs."

    Christine Nicol, who is actually paid to be a Professor of Animal Welfare at the University of Bristol, claims that bloodstains have been spotted on large eggs. Government regulations limiting egg size will follow soon.

    I guess I need to tell my girls to stop with the big-uns and double yokers, Huh? [​IMG]
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    I see where they're coming from but that's just bogus. Big hens lay big eggs. Isn't the size suppose to be proportionate to the hens body? They cant help it if they lay double yolkers.
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    Exactly! It's not like you are holding a gun to the head of a chicken to lay big eggs! My girls lay around all day (hee hee... lay! [​IMG] ) and are not forced to do a dang thing and they lay big eggs all the dang time!
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    .....What? I'm pretty sure (correct me if I'm wrong) but egg size depends on the breed of chicken. Size can also vary for no apparent reason, as we've seen many times from pics on this site. And the person that wrote this has 16,000 layers? I'm so confused....

    Okay, this makes more sense:

    Phil Brooke, of Compassion in World Farming, said: “Selectively breeding hens for high productivity, whether larger eggs or larger numbers of eggs, can cause a range of problems such as osteoporosis, bone breakage and prolapse. We need to breed and feed hens so that they can produce eggs without risk to their health or welfare.”

    I'm prepared to believe that the commercial layers are messed up because of breeding practices. "Large" store bought eggs are on a whole larger than the one's I got from our chickens when I lived at home. But, this end comment summarizes my thoughts on the matter.

    Alan Pearson, spokesman for the British Poultry Veterinary Association, said: “Frankly I think there are bigger welfare issues that people have in their minds, such as hens in cages. The size of an egg rarely causes problems for the bird.”

    I'd be interested to see actual studies, on this matter, of course.
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    Jeesh, don't these people have anything better to do than "lay" around thinking up something else to "hen-lighten" us all with.......
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    most likely a hemorrhoid sufferer...
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    Believe me,

    This guy....

    Tom Vesey, who keeps 16,000 hens on 45 acres at Dingestow, Monmouth

    lol... He lives in Dingestow, he is about 15 miles from me, these people went to live there in the 70s when they dropped out, became farmers living off the land .

    Put it down to an aged Hippy.

    lol.... my girls lay double yokers regularly, with no help or persuasion...lol.

    Maybe the egg song interrupts his contemplation.

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