what do you think he is? new pics page 2


8 Years
Aug 14, 2011
i got him at an auction this past weekend and for the love of me cant figure out what he could have in him. he does have very bad leg mites and had lice that have been treated the first day he came here and is getting treated again in a few more days. i was thinking part d'anvers but he is beardless and he does have white ear lobes, his legs are clean and are white/pink in color and this is his natural stance as well. i just can't think of anything besides a d'anvers mix that he could be any ideas?

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i thought maybe so to but the only things that really look sebright to me is his stance somewhat and his comb...i have thought maybe rosecombs as well...i don't think there are that many breeds with rose combs and his is a perfect rosecomb so i am guessing its 2 rosecomb breeds or just a beardless d'anvers and that's why they got rid of him...let me tell ya he is a crower lol hasn't let up any and does already seem a bit happier even though he is in confinement
could he be a mix colored rosecomb or is his wing carriage to low for that? also looks like he carries his tail to high as well for that breed again why i'm thinking he is mixed

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