What do you think of my new Silkies?

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Apr 1, 2011
Central Kentucky
We got 2 new silkies(Our first silkies). One rooster that is one year old and a blue silkie cockerel(acts like a girl:lol:) that is 4 months old.There with my big standard sized girls that are around 4 months old.So far the girls do not like Yetti our white silkie rooster,he crows and crows but they don't pay any attention. Poor Yetti, they also bully the blue silkie when there in the pen together.I guess they will eventually get used to eachother
. I've been thinking about showing and there suppose to be show quality.What do you think of them?





Thanks! Yetti has finally got the girls to like him, the girls don't like the little blue one though. I feel bad because he seems lonely but when we went to go get them he was the only one left,that was his age. The only other chickens I have are only 6 weeks old so of course he can't go with them.
I think it's cute that his name is Yetti.
I have a white silkie hen named Yeta.
In the Legend of Zelda : Twilight Princess, there is a pair of Yetis and the boys name is Yeto, the girl is Yeta.
Makes me uber happy in the lamest way that some one else went with the Yeti thing.

He's very pretty.

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