what do you think of our coop ?


7 Years
Apr 11, 2012
Hart County,Kentucky
We made our coop out of left over stuff...scrap lumber and cedar slabs...tell me what you think about it....

This is the right side of the coop ( we have our golden sex-links in here ) ^

Front View of the coop...we have it divided by chicken wire.....

This is the left side...we keep our mutt's in here lol (mix breed chicken's )
please let me know what you think....
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none of our lumber is treated everything is fresh off the tree...these slabs came stright off our cedar tree's...thanks for the input..i done alot of research on cedar before we built it and it states that as long as you do not use any treated lumber....the chicken's will be fine.....alot of chicken farmer's use cedar shavings to help with mite's and other pest....
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