What do you think of this coop name?


8 Years
May 16, 2011
Brisbane, Australia
I was reading a joke that went "A: Why does a coop have two doors. Q: Because if it had four it would be a sedan"

My coop has three doors so I thought maybe it would be cute to call it "The Hatchback".

(And of course the "hatch" reference to eggs)

Is this really lame or not?
I love it! Very clever.
...and I also love the feeder you made and how you trained your chickens to use it ... I could just imagine what happened when you added mealworms: chickens jumping up and down on the treadle and dragging out the crowbar to lift the lid, lol! Also loved your cute little "helper" on the video.
. I can hardly wait to see your coop - be sure to post pics!
That is one awesome coop! I think "The Hatchback" is a wonderful, playful name for it. I'm always envious of all the cute, witty names people come up with for their coops.
You should have seen all the out-takes of names.... everything from "It's Only Temporary" (what we say about most of the dodgy handyman repairs I do around here) to "Cluck Off And Get Your Own Eggs". LOL

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