What do your geese do that make them YOUR geese?


10 Years
Feb 25, 2009
My gander has centered out my younger sister as the only threat of all the humans he encounters, he likes to chase her, that makes him OUR gander (she's 14, it's just really funny to watch).
Our goose enjoys chasing soccer balls.
I got a video of it from the summer: http://www.flickr.com/photos/canaduh/3820680826/

What makes your geese, your geese?

Just bringing this up because we've decided to sell our geese to a larger farm so they can be happier
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My goose used to ride in my hoodie when she was first hatched and loved car rides! She also knows when I am coming around the corner and I always stop at the edge of the road, roll down the window and she "greets" me as I come home. She also "hollers" at me when she hears my voice and loves for me to talk to her. Recently we brought her home a boyfriend and she batted her eyes at him and fell in love at first sight! She continually "thanks" me for getting him!
first i had a pair of american buffs with a gosling and tried to bring in embdons and they hated them so i brought in 6 more AB's and they just instantly bonded, although if i'm out in the yard they try to pinch my mobile and the buttons off the clothes on the washing line!
we have a selection of geese and ours love to spy on us through the window of the back door, they like to see what we are up to.

They also love to test the logs of the house with their beaks, which we can hear from the inside...

They also knock on the door at feeding time...tap tap tap on the glass usually around my feeding time...

they are super nosey and thats what makes them our geese!
My chinese female, Ranaya, comes up to my front porch and takes off with my shoe. Then she stands in the middle of the yard chewing on the laces. When I come out she talks so loud at me as she runs away from the shoe. SHE KNOWS she's not to chew my laces!
That the only person my gander has ever bit was someone who me and my father both mutually hate, we thought it was very funny! They'll also fly for us, if someone is with them at one end of the yard and another person comes out of the house or starts walking out back, calling "goose goose" they'll fly right for us! It's so cute.
Mine also fly(flapping wings while running) to me when I go out and they are at the other end of the fence. When they get to me ...then it is chatter, chatter, and more chatter...I love it.

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