What does it mean when you can't see through an egg when candling?


10 Years
Oct 3, 2009
I was candling an egg and I can only see into it when I have the flashlight to the air sac.

I moved it down a little bit and could see 1 or 2 veins, but that was all. Is this good?
Sounds like you're right on track! Happy hatching!
Just to make sure, if you can see the egg shell get bright but you see a big SHADOW inside it, then it is OK and it's just the chick inside, you should still be able to see movement inside if you look through the air sack. BUT if you put the candler and the light does not even get across the egg shell and ALL of the egg shell is a dark brown or opaque, then take it out and throw it away, IT IS ROTTEN. Something to look for. Good luck.
just a question to clarify on what Grillo said... if you can see the airsac as obviously illuminated and everything else is shadowy, that's a GOOD egg?? and if you put the candler where the air sac should be and don't see ANY illumination, that's a BAD egg?

thanks for the help!
i am having the same problem with 2 eggs out of the 8 that are incubating. when i put the flashlight up to the air sac i can see through the shell just fine but the rest of the egg is completely dark... no illumination at all. the other 6 i have no problem candling. been wondering if these eggs are good or bad. i did just have to toss 2 eggs today that were weeping and i couldn't see through those either started out with 11 eggs now down to 8 with 6 definately growing chicks and 2 questionable. and still have 12 days to go.
I bought an LED Lenser at Home Depot. Pricey but a good investment. I can see through Marans eggs with it..

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