What does 'Point of Laying' look like?

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    Mar 27, 2011
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    I know they're going to lay when they're good and ready and not a minute before....
    But this feels like a long wait to me. We got these EEs in the beginning of March from Tractor Supply.
    Almost 7 months later, are we ever going to get eggs from these 2? We also have 5 leghorns a few weeks younger than these that also have not started laying yet. Every day I go out there hoping to see a green or (even better) blue egg and every day I get disappointed.
    I know they're close to laynig. I guess I need someone else to tell me they're almost ready.
    Thanks for looking!

    The white one wouldn't stay still long enough to get a nice side shot - she is actually quite a bit bigger than the brown one...
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    From my expirience the comb will almost double in size the last couple weeks before they lay. It starts getting pink, then it grows in size and looks pretty puffy, then BAM its red and your getting eggs a few days later. They also squat for you a few days before if you dont have a rooster. If you do have a rooster they'll let him mount them. (cayanne pepper will jump start them too..)

    Here's a pullet thats getting close. Pic was taken 9/3 and she started laying exactly 2 weeks later.

    Now here is her comb a couple days after she started laying. (*note, she has a pea comb but she's a cross between a pea combed chicken and a single combed chicken so her comb is a little taller then your girls would be at POL. This was just to show comb change in 2 weeks, from POL to laying.) Oh and she lays a pretty blue egg now!

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