What does she have and how do I get rid of it?


8 Years
Mar 28, 2011
My daughters new pullet has some funky white things all around her neck. They don't move and are not alive...

They look like lice or mite eggs to me, but I could be mistaken. There are a variety of treatment options (both chemical and non-chemical) I suggest looking around the forum there are a lot of posts concerning the treatment of lice and mites.
Thank you.

Even though her and her 3 counter parts r not with the rest of my flock should I just treat everyone and all my coupes to be safe..
Those are eggs... Is she okay otherwise? Does she often keep her eyes shut? Please dust her for mites/lice even if you can't see them, I'd be willing to bet that they are there. You can get poultry dust at most feed stores. After you dust her, put her in a box with white paper towels on the bottom. Go back in an hour and see what types of bugs fell off, you'll be surprised, I think.
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She is eating and drinking no poop problems looks normal. She was food thus morning as she was not huddled with the other 3 in there house. I brought her in and put her in the brooded box I had set up for one of the baby chicks. She walks around and talks, but she does sleep a lot :(.
I hope I can make her better she is my daughters. Which my daughter got to replace the one hawk got....
I have noticed that some animals will get lice infestations when they aren't feeling well. If they have eggs on their feathers, there are bugs on their bodies, so please dust her and the coops/nests like dawg suggested. If they have a spot that they dust bathe, put some ther, too. I have tried the "natural" stuff and it hasn't worked for me.
My husband picked up the dust on his way home so we can treat them..how do I get all these icky white things off..will they off..its to cold to bath them..

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