What does this mean, genetically speaking?

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    I have a Bantam Cochin chick that hatched end of April. She's almost 6 weeks old now, and she is smaller than my 2 week old Bantam Cochin chicks, and has less feathering too. She didn't grow for the first few weeks, yet she was very active, eating, pooping, and just being a typical chick. However, the chicks she hatched with have all gotten their feathers, and most are nearly feathered in completely. Except my little Stella. She is still covered in down and only has the bare tips of wing feathers, at nearly 6 weeks old! And like I said before, she's slightly smaller than my 2 week old Bantam Cochin chicks. So what does this mean for my little Stella? Is this a bad case of a slow feathering gene? At this point all the birds she's currently in with will get to be moved outside, but she'll have to remain inside. She is the sweetest little thing ever. She comes to her name, will jump right into your hand, and is very sweet natured. She's just super tiny and naked! Is this all due to genetics, or could there be an underlying health issue? I don't want to lose her, she's just so precious. I am assuming it's a she because her comb hasn't grown and she isn't displaying any roo like behavior. Nearly 6 weeks in and I STILL can't tell what color Cochin she's suppose to be. I'll include some pics once I figure out where my kids put my camera charger cord.
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    it could just be failure to thrive, i know that usually chicks whos feathers grow slower are males, but if its not growing at all that may not be a good sign, i would just keep taking care of her the best you can and keep your fingers crossed
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    So there's a chance that even though she's made it this far, she could still die? I've been thinking that all along, and I don't think it would surprise me terribly if she didn't make it, though I would miss her. She's the sweetest little thing ever. I know that generally speaking the males grow their feathers in slower. I also know that isn't always the case, and that some breeds grow them in slower than others. So far my little Stella eats very well, drinks, runs around and plays, and other than her size and lack of feathering, acts just like the other chicks her age. I would really like her to make it though. I put her back under the heat lamp, hoping maybe that will stimulate some growth. Her clutchmates will be heading outside in another week or so, but Stella can't join them without feathers. So she's in with the 2 week olds now and she's doing good, she just seems sad not to be in with her original clutchmates.

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