what eat my duckling?


5 Years
Jun 3, 2014
this morning I saw one of 16 duckling eaten. the other 15 looked fine.

it was in an enclosed area with nettings on top. no signs of digging. there are a few gaps here and there.

all my adult chickens and ducks are fine (not in the enclosure with the ducklings).

the body is all gone. one head + 1-2 inches of neck left.

what could have done this? i will move them to more secured enclosure at night.

i keep the adults in the pen and run for a long time and did not have an issue before.
In nj possible predators are eagles hawks coyotes bears depending on if you are in north or south jersey racoons possums rats snakes possibly cougars depending on were you live or an animal with rabies hopefully not a dog or a cat

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