What feed for 8 week old silkies?

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Jan 7, 2010
Dallas area
In a few weeks my silkies will be going outside and I wanted to know what i should feed them? They'll be 8 weeks when they are going to be put in the coop. I'm selling my other hens so it'll just be them in there by themselves. I thought i'd ask this question to you guys instead of looking like an idiot at the feed store. Thanks in advance
They don't really need chick starter anymore. But since most of us with silkies want them to look really good, nice feathering...I wouldput them on Flockraiser until they start laying. If you still want the higher protein of Flockraiser (versus layer pellets like Layena) then just keep them on Flockraiser and offer oyster shell on the side for the calcium necessary for good eggshells.
I always keep my chicks on starter until they're laying eggs....16-20 weeks old. Then switch to layer feed.
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I change mine about 10 weeks over to purina flockraiser, they all do fine on that. Here they do not have the grower crumbles so I had to use the blender to crush them for a few weeks until they got big enough to eat the bigger pellets.
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