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Sep 11, 2020
Hawthorne, California
Hi all! I hope you're all staying healthy & safe!
I have two beautiful silkie hens and they just finished their first bag of feed and was hoping for suggestions on what type of food to buy next.
I wasn't given their exact age when I bought them but I believe they're between 4 and 5 months old now ( not laying).
Also if there are suggestions on where to purchase the food online as well as any supplements I should be adding to their food that would be super helpful!
Thank you in advance for any help! I appreciate it so much!


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I have two beautiful silkie hens and they just finished their first bag of feed and was hoping for suggestions on what type of food to buy next.
Hi there, welcome to BYC! :frow

Those are lovely paint Silkies! :love

I bred them for a few years and would suggest using a flock raiser or grower feed with oyster shell, free choice on the side.. No need to switch if they become broody, raise chicks, lay actively, molt, etc. Also NO need to supplement anything else as long as treats (fun enrichment like meal worms, peas, sprouting, scraps, etc) are kept below 10% of the total daily intake! Also presuming they have access to the ground outdoors where they will ingest some grit. If no outdoor access, either bring in a clump of grass with dirt and roots attached or provide another grit source.

I use Purina brand because it's what available to me locally. The suggestions above are good ones.. noting TSC also has free shipping over $49 on certain items and many places are offering curb side pick up. One of you local cab companies might offer cheaper service! In fact some of my local feed stores are offering free personal delivery to their customers! If I was in the midwest.. I do like some of the Kalmbach feed products offered. You might have a local mill offering something equal to flock raiser in nutrients and value. Adding your general location to your profile can help folks make their best suggestions possible at a glance.. as I've demonstrated, there can be regional differences.. :)

My flock does best with crumbles. They also enjoy it offered wet like a mash as a little something different with full nutrition and according to research better absorption. With all my heart.. recommend using a milled product over the fancy beautiful ones that allow favorite things to get picked out and offer more room for improper balance in individuals.

Final word to the wise.. always check the mill date on the feed to ensure freshness since vitamins and minerals (oxidize), diminish with time AND store it properly. Temperature, humidity, and pests HEAVILY impact speed of nutrient quality degradation! :old
Thank you all so much for the replies!! It truly helps so much!
I read way too many articles on what to feed your chickens and when to move them on to the next stage of feed. It simply made me confused and nervous to buy the wrong thing.
With all of ur suggestions I'm going to stick with the Purina that I was currently using. I attached a pic. I got this one from a feed store near where I picked my girls up but it's a few hours from where I live unfortunately but found it easily online.
I wasn't including grit since the girls have access to their outdoor run and I see them gobble up the little pebbles in the dirt but I think I'll go ahead and get some for inside a well since they tend to like indoors better. They go wherever my little daucshunds mix goes, haha. I do have dirt bath areas set up inside the house. Just high edged dog beds that I fill with dirt and weeds from their run. And yes, it's a mess but oh well they love it.
I never would have thought to look for the "use by" dates and such on the feed. Thank you for that one, I'll make sure I check that from now on.

Thank you all again for your feedback!! I hope you have a wonderful holiday season and stay safe!!


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